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Ken Goshen (חן גושן) is a NYC-Based (Israeli-born) artist, bringing traditional painting into the contemporary art context. Working primarily in oil, various drawing media, and printmaking techniques.  

"My work is an exploration of the role of representational art objects in an era of digital image ecstasy. It touches on the dissonance between the fragility of memory and the severity of documentation, highlighting the function of the subjective in perceptions of the “real.” By focusing on the abstract qualities of the visual field and their sensory impact, I seek to compose pieces embodying both the weight of nostalgia and an exhilaration of the unexplored."

Goshen earned his BFA in Fine Arts with a minor in Printmaking from Parsons School of Design (NYC). He is also a graduate of the Master Class full-time program at Hatahana Studio for Figurative Drawing and Painting (Tel Aviv).